Our Mission

At Cannibal Glass recycling company, we recycle all glass in bottle form, ranging from beer and wine bottles to household glass bottles such as tomato sauce bottles, etc. We do not accept window glass or TV screens, bottled glass only.

We are currently setting up Buyback Centre’s throughout the Eastern Cape. We are at this stage mainly operating from our main depots situated in Port Elizabeth and Queenstown.

We would like the citizens of Port Elizabeth to please support our new bottlebank system which is in place from November 2008.

We are currently supplying wheelie bins and bottle banks for any functions or events and collect them when filled, free of charge.

Target Market

Cannibal Recycling has 3 main markets:

1. Businesses such as; Restuarants, Pub’s, Schools, Churches ect.
2. Small Entrepreneurs, individuals collecting glass for their own income.
3. The General public who are concerned about our environment.