Company History

Thirteen years ago Cannibal Glass, backed by key industry players was launched involving the entire glass industry to bring companies together in a responsible environmental initiative.

Since inception Cannibal Multi Recycling has been instrumental in the success of various campaigns to eradicate littering. From the initial supply and distribution of receptacles for litter collection to the organisation and sponsorship of regional clean-ups, Cannibal has ensured extremely valuable contribution to the Eastern Cape.

Cannibal actively supports and promotes various consumer awareness and educational campaigns. These initiatives focus on the use of glass, plastics and cans and the impact on the environment as well as the economic and social benefits.

Today Cannibal Glass is helping other unemployed people to make a living out of empty bottles at the glass recycling business. We assist newly formed one-man businesses and these entrepreneurs then sell the various types of glass, plastics and cans to specialist recyclers. Not only do these projects assist in recycling litter but they create much needed employment for the people of the Eastern Cape.

Cannibal Glass was founded by Leon van der Watt who one day, when he was down and out, found inspiration in a beer bottle – an empty one. Van der Watt was staying in the back room of a friend in Bluewaterbay after his chicken farming business went bankrupt. The sound of an empty bottle being thrown into a bin at his friends pub got him thinking about how he could make money out of this.

Leon started investigating the feasibility of running a glass recycling business in the city and approached pub and restaurant owners all over town. After speaking to glass manufacturer Consol in Cape Town they saw the potential and helped Van der Watt to set-up the business that is currently known as Cannibal Glass Recycling. He convinced restaurants and bars to put their empties in the bins provided by him.

“Its a win-win situation for both me and the businesses. Glass makes out the biggest part of the rubbish, especially for entertainment venues. Supplying it to me, results in a big saving on refuse removal for them. What gives me the greatest joy is that I started down and out, and and while I was was finding my way up again, I was helping other people along the way, I know what is it like to watch other people eat while you are hungry and penniless” says Leon.

Cannibal Glass Recycling is currently employs 40 people. About 6000 people earn an income out of supplying glass to Cannibal Glass. As part of its social responsibility, Cannibal is helping the recycling process by distributing bottle banks and wheely bins (used in bars and taverns) free of charge.

Currently we have bottle banks in various ares. View the location of of all Cannibal Bottle Banks.

The name “Cannibal” comes from “eating dirt” and the company’s logo is a Pacman.