Paper & Cardboard Recycling

paper-and-cardboard-recyclingThese paper and packaging items can be recycled easily in South Africa.


  • Magazines and brochures including glossy varieties
  • Newspapers (preferably within three months to ensure quality fibre)
  • Office and shredded paper as well as envelopes
  • Paper packaging and cardboard – cereal and dry food boxes; cosmetic and medicine boxes (as well as information leaflets); toilet and kitchen roll cores; packing boxes and cartons; corrugated packaging for electronic equipment and appliances
  • Paper giftwrap and boxes (Remove ribbons, sticky tape and embellishments)
  • Liquid packaging – small and large cartons for milk, juice, custard and other liquid food cartons. Some dry food is also available in cartons.

Liquid cartons are also recyclable.

  • Cartons are made up of 75% paperboard from certified and sustainably managed plantations to give them their form and strength. On the inside, thin layers of polyethylene (20%) and aluminium (5%)(poly/Al) to keep foodstuffs safe without refrigeration.
  • Through a special hydropulping process, the paperboard becomes saturated into a pulp and separates from the poly/Al layer. The pulp is used to make new paper-based products while the poly/Al goes into plastic injection-moulded goods.